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Facedown Records signs Impending Doom

Corona, CA death metal band Impending Doom has officially joined the Facedown Records roster. According to the label, "The juxtaposition of guttural bellowing and slaughterhouse wailing isn’t the only thing that catapults Impending Doom above the rest of the death metal bands. The fact that Impending Doom refuse to toe the line with their spiritual convictions in a genre long known for its demonic inclinations is paramount to the band's impending notability... and your impending doom." The band's debut full-length will hit streets in September. For now, you can check out some of their material here.


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ihatepickingusernames 1/20/2007 12:48:25 PM

1st post gay

heart_means_everything 1/20/2007 12:59:29 PM

facedown needs to go under, and quick.

efyourbrokencouch 1/20/2007 1:03:52 PM

haha i know these guys. best of luck to them.

motherfckzombies 1/20/2007 1:06:48 PM

death metal is never and will never be christian.

xcutyermulletx 1/20/2007 1:11:33 PM

went to school with geetar and old drummer good dOOds

squids 1/20/2007 1:20:58 PM

shit gay band. break up already fcktards.

tomgilk 1/20/2007 1:36:15 PM

indwelling >

alexcreate 1/20/2007 1:52:33 PM

=| and all this time i thought ID was kidding about being christian.

SteveO 1/20/2007 2:14:35 PM

Facedown hops on the "BREE" bandwagon... I'm hop into oncoming traffic

xnvb 1/20/2007 2:19:40 PM


MitchFury 1/20/2007 2:31:49 PM

good for them even though the sad thing is this band has NEVER played with a death metal band or played a death metal show hahahahahah total core band

withdeadhandsrising 1/20/2007 2:35:21 PM

christian music is a fcking joke.

bard7741 1/20/2007 2:53:23 PM

played with these dudes a few times, good guys.

fsovercrooks 1/20/2007 3:10:10 PM

heart_means_everything 1/20/2007 12:59:29 PM facedown needs to go under, and quick.

tgomkills 1/20/2007 3:20:15 PM

shit band shit label shitty christian gays

brettnbutler 1/20/2007 3:38:02 PM

. . . . goddammit.

da_government 1/20/2007 3:53:17 PM

they won't/can't play with real death metal bands becuase they will get boo'd the fck off stage and they know it

urbanaaron 1/20/2007 4:13:16 PM

indwelling >>>

keef 1/20/2007 4:33:31 PM

"its demonic inclinations"...its fcking death metal. not "life metal". fck this band

xtroyx 1/20/2007 5:00:37 PM

invader zim influenced band? i'd listen to them if their lyrics were about that show.

verdrinken 1/20/2007 6:12:07 PM

total gay band

baobab 1/20/2007 6:32:27 PM

xtroyx 1/20/2007 5:00:37 PM invader zim influenced band? i'd listen to them if their lyrics were about that show. <---hahahaha

monarchy 1/20/2007 7:02:14 PM

lol @ keef's comment

on3break 1/20/2007 7:47:55 PM

this band is good, "straight up gorship" members of xdeathstarx and sleeping giant, that explains thr alays playing with core bands eff the hater gays

glhxckid 1/20/2007 9:06:31 PM

Actually a decent band. Best of luck to them

Duluth_Corsage 1/20/2007 9:51:10 PM

Speaking of God that is fcking god-awful

I_Wear_Norma_Jeans 1/20/2007 10:24:03 PM

I'd rather listen to "The Naked Brothers Band" whom I see all over Nick @ Nite.

xgabex 1/20/2007 11:16:04 PM

man fck this band. one dood is a complete douche and far from being gay ass christian. pot heads are what facedown wants now.

Grimes 1/21/2007 2:48:00 AM

coolest motherfckers, glad to hear they're signed!

jshaft37 1/21/2007 3:14:40 AM

nothing "catpults" this band over any DM band. calling themselves death metal is an insult to any real DM band.

mylittlepony 1/21/2007 3:24:49 AM

Wow, rarely do I find a band that can pull this "bree" shit off well... this band DOES NOT do it well at all. Terrible decision to sign these guys.

forumdrama 1/21/2007 4:54:16 AM

i call bullshit on this band.

vegans_Taste_good 1/21/2007 6:55:02 AM

hahahahahahahahahhahhahahahaha.............HAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, fck this gay shit.

xfullofhatex 1/21/2007 6:56:09 AM

Death Metal, Facedown, Christian Label, Horseshit, fck facedown.

xvegeedgex 1/21/2007 12:46:21 PM

facedowninshit is more like it. =)

deadchinadoll 1/21/2007 12:57:13 PM

christian death metal is an oxymoron

BAMRightINThePisser 1/21/2007 3:14:49 PM

Facedown records sucks ass.

bigego 1/21/2007 3:35:00 PM

worst snare drum tone ever

linus 1/21/2007 6:39:56 PM

I hope that this means the impending doom of that whole shit label

truthsayer 1/22/2007 2:26:05 AM

*gets br00tal for BREEsus* - this stupid band

johnnygore 1/22/2007 12:50:10 PM

"jesus loves me this i know for the bible tells me so" -- Impending Doom, "Brutal For Jesus"

vdburns 1/22/2007 2:32:33 PM

Hahahaha I can't wait to get home from work to listen to this and hate it more than I already do from the description. Death metal that isn't demonic is death metal done wrong.

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