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Paria drummer quits, reforms The Binding

Drummer Eric Schnee recently quit Omaha, NE metal band Paria to move back to his hometown in New Jersey and reform his old band, The Binding. The band began practicing over Christmas break and is are already in the process of booking some weekend tours in the New England area plus a full U.S. tour this summer (click here for more info). Here's what drummer Eric Schnee had to say about the move: "After a year or so of being away from the band, we have decided that it is time to resurrect this beast again and continue with what we started. We will be touring this coming summer, promoting our now critically acclaimed Self-Titled EP (Imagine It) starting in late June and going until July. I can't even begin to express how excited we are. I can guarantee the shows are something not to be missed. If my memory serves me correctly the damage count from our last outings goes something like this: one smashed guitar in Conneticut, drums flying off the riser in Virginia, One permanently damaged shoulder from the last tour and then the most infamous show in NJ where our drummer puked all over himself and never stopped playing."

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