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Nora set to enter studio

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 4:56 PM PT

Nora will enter the studio this month in New Jersey to begin recording their next album, titled "Save Yourself," for Trustkill Records. The band has tapped producer Eric Rachel (Lifetime, Every Time I Die) to resume his work with the band after his previous work on 2003's "Dreamers & Deadmen, 2001's "Losers Intuition" and 1999's split with Dillinger Escape Plan. Frontman Carl Severson confirmed that Nora has ten songs written for the record. Speaking of the new material, Severson comments: "It's pretty varied, the songs are definitely heavier and we have our fastest songs on here and our most plodding and slow, sludgy material as well."

The band which includes Severson, Portland (guitar), Steve Chladnicek (guitar), Mike Olender (bass) and Chris Ross (drums) recently returned from Japan where they played Loudpark 06 which included such acts as Megadeth, Opeth and Dragonforce.

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