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Unearth completes new video

Unearth has completed work on a video for "Sanctity of Brothers." Frontman Trevor Phipps details the process: "We had just begun to schedule the shooting of our second video, 'Sanctity of Brothers' with famed director Darren Doane, when he decided to retire to pursue other professional goals. Fortunately, he had written a pretty sick video treatment and told us we could use it if the director was new, talented and had never directed a music video before. So we took to searching the Internet for some new talent and came across a guy from Prague named 'Soren.' Soren's images were dark and well thought out, so we got in touch with him. We showed him the treatment Darren had written and he agreed to go with it, but he wanted to put his own flavor and twists into the video. This guy is crazy, he had a 10 day shooting schedule spanning 3 countries; he used a helicopter and some cool animation. It will have the same high energy as our video for 'Giles,' but will have an in-depth storyline and will be our first video with special effects. The video will be more like a short film with three parts. The first and third sections will be the intro and ending, while the second chapter will be the actual song. Soren is on to some groundbreaking shit here and we are stoked to be part of it. Even though Darren was not involved, we’re just happy that it will be different. Too many videos are the same these ays with all the storylines, the bands and all the shots seeming to blend together. SOREN at least wants to challenge that and we support him in his attempt. We think that may be one of the reasons Doane retired and gave us the demands he did on his treatment. Look for the new video mid-January, just in time for our North American run with the mighty Slayer." A short trailer for the video is available online.


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My_Fist_Your_Face 1/5/2007 10:06:34 PM

Pirst fost

ipaintmycrimes 1/5/2007 10:33:05 PM

holy fcking bold.

YouAreSceneAsFuck 1/5/2007 11:31:03 PM


i_wouldnt_count_on_it 1/6/2007 4:03:01 PM


GymAndJuice 1/6/2007 4:08:03 PM

This looks like its going to be a sick video.

first_bloodlust 1/6/2007 10:41:58 PM

prague? haha wtf. should be a sick vid though

djbrokeback 1/6/2007 11:56:39 PM


citrous 1/7/2007 3:13:41 AM

Unearth is becoming a MTV2 band... 1)The Big Video Then: Mtv Video Music Awards

xvegeedgex 1/7/2007 9:39:43 PM


likeatonabricks 1/8/2007 2:59:11 PM

interested on what this is gunna be like...unfortunately, unearth stopped making good music when they made the newest shitty cd. Cmon guys, you have the red chords old drummer...use his talent maybe?!?!?

xshekilledmyheartx 1/9/2007 5:05:44 PM

man, this vid looks sick, i can't wait to see the whole thing

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