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Lamb Of God receives Grammy nomination

Thursday, December 7, 2006 11:26 PM PT

Lamb of God have garnered a Grammy nomination for "Best Metal Performance" for "Redneck," the first single from their latest album, Sacrament.

On their nomination drummer Chris Adler states, "Grammy nomination? Is someone still trying to make up for that whole Jethro Tull thing?"

"In all seriousness and regardless of the outcome, we as Lamb Of God are overwhelmingly flattered to be recognized. It's truly hard to believe that we have come as far as we have, even harder to believe that we now share in the short list of some of the best in the business - and the historical company of some of the world's greatest bands. This nomination is bigger than our band; it is a tribute to our friends and fans whose undying and intense support has helped Lamb Of God become recognized in this way. Together, we are helping to create a new and heavier musical landscape for the future. No matter what the outcome may be, this is a very good sign for metal and as a fan I look forward to more doors like these continuing to open to the greatest music in the world – heavy fucking metal!"

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