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Year Of Desolation update

Wednesday, December 6, 2006 9:01 PM PT / 2,900 views
Indiana's Year Of Desolation has unveiled the artwork and two tracks from their forthcoming, self-titled Prosthetic Records release. The artwork, designed by Paul Romano (Mastodon) can be viewed here (front) and here (back). Meanwhile, the tracks "The Economy of Excess" and "Erasing Your Existence" have been posted on the group's Myspace page. The album will hit stores on January 23rd. In related news, the Year Of Desolation is currently in search of a drummer. The band has posted the released the following requirements: "No fierce drug habits (ie: anything white, anything injected or snorted). Insane double bass skills a must (as in 16th notes at 200+ BPM). Playing to a metronome a must. Know how to play blasts correctly. Willing to tour 9 months out of the year for very little money a must. 18+ (prefer 21+). Must have own gear. No ego trips, cockblockers or rockstars, we've already got two of them. Must be willing and able to practice at least 3 times a week in Indianapolis. If you do not meet all of these requirements don't respond, we're not trying to waste your time or ours and this is a VERY serious situation. Not that our band is SUPER SERIOUS, but in order for us to tour when our record is released, this kinda takes the forefront. If you don't like Thrash, or bands with melody, don't bother responding either. We're getting tours lined up for next year and our record comes out jan 23rd, so basically we've got exactly one month and 3 weeks to train you! We like to have fun, we're all drinkers (save mike v) we do stupid shit on tour and generally act like a bunch of douche bags. We're ready to take over are you? Think you can do it? Hit us up here.

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