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Champion DVD update

Monday, December 4, 2006 11:03 PM PT

Champion's Jim Hesketh has posted an update regarding the band's upcoming DVD release:

"I just got the Champion 'Different Directions The Last Show" DVD test copy in the mail. Me and Chris sat down and watched it and then I watched it again. We are really pleased on how everything turned out. Highroller Studios did an amazing job. We are just waiting on the layout and it should have a March release date but nothing confirmed yet. The DVD will be released with a live CD from the show, and trust me, the audio sounds great. Also a reissue of the 'Promises Kept' LP will be released around the same time with a new remixed remastered version. Expect some bonus features, details still being worked out but it will be awesome. Also expect some limited vinyl to be surfacing for those releases."

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