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Darkest Hour guitarist details health crisis

Thursday, November 30, 2006 3:50 PM PT

Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris has commented on the health crisis that forced the group to cancel the last few shows of their Fall tour with Soilwork, Mnemic, and Threat Signal. Here's a statement from Norris:

"After getting a few emails about this I decided to just say why we cancelled a few shows on the last tour...ok here's what happened, I've finally comes to terms with discussing this as it's very personal to me....I have a weird genetic calcium/enzyme deficiency disease that effects my mother's side of the family. Basically, my teeth were rotting out from this and I was struck with a very violent infection and had to be rushed to the hospital and this forced me to have 19 teeth surgically removed and a denture plate put in. I have recovered enough to do the UK tour but without insurance it cost me out of pocket $7,000 which I didn't have and had to pay up front so I borrowed it. Thank you to the band for putting up with this issue with me so much and understanding I couldn't ask for a bunch of better dudes to go through this with. Soon I will be having an auction for the guitar and cabinet that I used in the 'Convalescence' and 'Sound the Surrender' video to try and pay these people back ASAP since they were kind enough to lend me the money in dire need to do this (since my father who makes tons refused to help!). Every penny will go to them and I hope to pay them back fully and any money not made I will cover somehow or made over the cost (in my dreams) will be given out in other ways. I am just happy to be getting healthy again and not to look like a disgusting pile of shit any more. So that's the basic lowdown of it all, sorry to the guys and girls who missed us on the last few shows of the Soilwork tour, I'll give you all naked pictures of ryan in return with my apologies!"

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