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Immolation set to record new album

Official press release: Death metal stalwarts Immolation are currently fine-tuning the tracks for their much-anticipated new album. The band is currently holed up at drummer Steve Shalaty's house in Ohio prepping their new material, which is shaping up to be very aggressive and much more intense than their past work. The group will make their way over to Millbrook, NY by week's end to meet with Paul Orofino, the band's producer for their last four records, at Millbrook Sound Studios. Robert Vigna (guitars) describes his thoughts on the new material: "We are really excited. The songs are shorter but pack more of a punch. They kick you hard right from the start and leave you pummeled by the end! It's definitely a darker, meaner album. I think the fans are going to go apeshit when they hear these tracks." Ross Dolan (vocals, bass) further states: "The new stuff definitely has a very dark feel but does not let up on the heaviness or intensity at all. There is a hint of both the last two records in the new songs, but they are coming from a completely different approach. They are going to knock you on your ass!" Immolation will head to Amsterdam directly after wrapping up in the studio to play the Arnhem Metal Meeting Festival with Arch Enemy. They will immediately proceed to Paris to shoot a new video for the upcoming album. The disc is tentatively set for a spring release through Century Media Records; look for the band to tour the U.S. around that same time. Immolation has been assaulting God's black earth for the past 17 years. Along with bands like Suffocation, Incantation and Mortician, Immolation are one of the all important forefathers of New York death metal. Over the years, Immolation has always increased the stakes on each release and this new effort is no exception. It encompasses all the band's growth over the years and offers some of their most devastating material yet. Not only has the band developed their musical capabilities over the years, but they've also become one of the most intense live acts in the industry. Powerful, yet emotional, Immolation are a force to be reckoned with.

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