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Trap Them news and notes

Trap Them has issued a band update: "First off, We'd like to announce the latest additions to the line-up: John Heidenrich (Abhorred, Noosebomb, Grief) recently joined as a full time drummer. His d-beat & blast beat skills bring tears to our's just....brutal. Nat Coghlan (Transistor Transistor, some totally evil one man kvlt black metal project with no name) joined up a few months ago to fill bass duties and let Brian use his Marshall JMP. Thanks Nat, Euronymous would be proud. These fine dudes join founding members Brian V. Izzi (guitars) & Ryan J. McKenney (vocals) in the persuit of revenge... We would also like to give a special THANK YOU to Scott DeFusco (Extinction Agenda) for his outstanding session drumming and incredible help during the recording of 'Sleepwell Deconstructor' CD. The 7 inch is supposed to be shipping very shortly. Trash Art will have an exclusive t-shirt/7 inch package for sale soon. Go to and harass Mitch. Do it. We will be playing shows regularly, so check back here for the information. This, of course, means that if you want us to play your sweet ass show, get in touch. We'll distort the fuck out of your town."

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