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Driver Side Impact signs w/ Victory Records

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 9:44 PM PT

Official press release:

Victory Records has announced the signing of Cleveland's Driver Side Impact.

"I am thrilled and extremely excited that Driver Side Impact finally decided to join the Victory family. We have seen the band develop over several months which makes their signing even more rewarding," said Victory owner Tony Brummel. "DSI has a unique stage presence that is representative of their danceable, ambient and infectiously harmonic songs. When I listen to their music I feel something fresh and vibrant happening. I think of it as ‘kinetically radiant rock'. So many artists right now are desperately posturing to the mainstream to achieve short term success. DSI is doing something different and uncompromising. I believe that people will naturally gravitate to and embrace the music they are creating."

All six members of the band are from Northeast Ohio and consider Cleveland their hometown. Jack and Teddy started jamming one day and through word of mouth in the local music scene the band came together. According to singer Branden Langhals, "Anyone can understand and relate to our music. We have a left of center sound that we feel touches a lot of different people. We want people to be able to relate not only to our music but also the lyrics. Some people have called us experimental pop. I feel our songs are like a movie and anyone can be a part of the script."

Of music in general Brummel says, "We are always trying to find artists that are doing something that is artistically different and ahead of the pack. Historically, new music and important artists have always come from risk taking. Independent labels like Victory can take risks. Risky music is exciting and creates change." Branden chimes in with, "Victory has the best track record for promoting their acts and Tony and the staff have a vision that nobody else has in the music industry. They are mavericks, like us."

Victory will release Driver Side Impact's debut album in early 2007.

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