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The Classic Struggle news and notes

Monday, November 6, 2006 10:31 AM PT / 2,547 views
After more than six months of inactivity following a serious injury to drummer Tyler Solnosky, The Classic Struggle has issued an update regarding their current status: "Our new guitar player is Chris Grant. He has played in some kick ass bands in the past including, Choose Your Weapon and Nourish the Flame. We all think it was a good decision to pick him due to Chris being a good guitarist for one, but an amazing individual and bro to us as well. Right now we are taking some time off to get back to full strength and also write some new and brutal material for our next album. So far we've written 2 new songs that, in our opinion, literally destroy our old shit to smithereens. We're all really confident with the new lineup. More confident than we have ever been actually. The new stuff seems be more mature... By that, I mean less choppy and better hooks but with out repeating something over and over again. It just flows alot better. Tyler has been doing alot better too since his accident. He has really come around. He still has a ways to go to get back to where he was before but he's still doing damn good. He says he can feel it coming back slowly but surely which gives us more motivation to keep on keepin' on. I'm pretty sure that all of this is going to make us stronger and keep pushing on. All of our hearts are into it 110%. Yeah, it's going to be til probably next fall til we get back on the road again and probably 2008 til we come out with a new album, but thats just a small price to pay to be able to come back with more drive and a better outlook on everything as a whole to get it done right if you know what I mean."

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