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Significant Fest (FL) details and lineup

Sunday, October 8, 2006 7:00 PM PT

Significant Fest will be taking place in Clearwater, Florida on November 24th, 25th and 26th of this year. The three day even will be happening at 688 Skate Park and will feature the reunion of punk rock legends Down By Law as well as the final show of Anam Cara. Single day passes are $15 and weekend passes are $35. For more info or to buy tickets, click here.
Here's the lineup:

Friday 11/24
Murphy's Law
Seventh Star
The Holy Mountain
Anam Cara (Final Show)
Now Soldiers
Dreams You Die In
Loose Cannon
Barriers Now Bridges
Holdfast 521
Speak Out
10/14 Battle Of the Bands winner

Saturday 11/25
Evergreen Terrace
Sleeping By The Riverside
Casey Jones
The Haunted Life
Anchors Away
Gator Bait
Dance Floor Justice
The Frontline
All Hell Breaks Loose
The Damage
End It All
10/14 Battle Of The Bands winner

Sunday 11/26
Down By Law (First show in four years)
Pseudo Heroes
Make Or Break
Car Bomb Driver
Light Yourself On Fire
Last great Hope
Full Nelson
Signs Of Hope
XWhere It EndsX
10/14 Battle Of The Bands winner

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