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Kill Your Idols breaking up

New York City hardcore/punk band Kill Your Idols has announced plans to disband. Formed over ten years ago, the group has put out a slew of releases, including material with Blackout! Records and Side One Dummy Records. KYI has released the following statement: "Yes, KYI is breaking up this summer. I want you to hear it first from someone in the band who can tell you that there is no bad blood, no drama, no in-fighting, no record label problems or legal battles, no sickness or death or anything of the usual break-up sort. We are the best of friends, and we just released our best record ever. That is how we want to end it off. I want you to hear it from the mouth of one of the guys who started this band, whose biggest dreams when we started it was "Imagine we could play a show with H20, Sick of it all, Sheer terror, AF, or 7seconds? Imagine we played and kids moshed? Imagine we made a 7", or even a full length record, that we didn't have to dub 1000 times on our stereo ourselves?" "Imagine we could go on tour?" Not only have we accomplished ALL those things 1000 times over, but It's safe to say we accumulated the most sincere, coolest following of any band I can think of. We were never a trendy band. All our fans are for real. I never dreamed any person would get that goofy skull tattooed on themselves, and we have seen hundreds of them. I wouldnt be surprised if I saw hundreds more after we break up. The accomplishments we have achieved in this band are without measure. The only thing we didn't accomplish with this band is make a living doing it...and that is because we truly never sold out. With a following as sincere as the one we have, It's enough for us to know that people all over the world hold us as dear to them as we hold bands like Black Flag. That is worth more to us than money. We always worked for a living, and that hasn't changed. Maybe that is what makes us so special. We are regular guys that play some pretty good hardcore music. We are glad you like it! After several releases, over 50 different tours in 6 years (we lost count!) across the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and almost 11 years as a band, it's time to say goodbye. Why? We really can't think of anything else to say with this band, and I think all bands who reach this point should move on, and not try and cheat their fans into buying a record with false poetry in the lyric sheet. After all, we are a hardcore band. If we change our style of music, it wont be KYI. If we continue to write about things that younger people can relate to, we wont be being honest. I can write 1000 more fast hardcore songs, but what are we gonna put to the music, songs about our mortgages?? Our 401k's? Our arthreitis medicine? Our high cholesterol? No, it's time to move on. Most of us will still be involved in music, hardcore most likely, some of us will not. Maybe we will be involved in some way or another. I'm sure you will see us around after we break up. Paul is in None more Black, and with me in Deathcycle, Brian has Celebrity Murders, Vinny has SSSP, who knows, maybe they will play a show or two. I get the Impression from Andy that he wants a break. Maybe not from HC altogether, but from singing. We'll see. My friend Adam Sax has a saying. "You can't escape hardcore. " He's right. Once you are hardcore, it's with you for life. Anyway, don't start mourning just yet....We got quite a few shows coming up before we annouce our last shows this summer. I wanna have as much fun as I can with my brothers of 11 years before we pull the plug on this. I hope all of you will share this time with us! Thanks to all of you who have been there for us and made us what we are. Kill Your Idols, the name of this band, represented that we are no better than anyone. We didn't want to sepreate ourselves from the audience by doing anything theatrical. We needed you there as much as we needed to be up on stage. Without the stagedives and singalongs, and the energy that only bands like ours and fans like you can spark when we get together, we would be nothing. You have all made us something...something special. "For those whove been here all along, And helped us feel like we belong, This one goes out to all our friends..."

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