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Today Is The Day frontman launches label

Friday, September 22, 2006 7:24 PM PT / 5,066 views

Today Is The Day mastermind Steve Austin has officially launched Supernova Records. Austin, also a producer who has previously worked with Lamb Of God and Converge, among many other groups, will use the label to release Today Is The Day's upcoming album, "Axis Of Eden," in addition to other material. An official press release detailing Supernova's upcoming plans is slated for release next week. Additionally, Lambgoat will soon post an extensive interview with Austin, so stay tuned.


picturesofme 9/22/2006 7:25:17 PM


fkscenes1021 9/22/2006 7:27:50 PM

cant fckin wait for that record

throwtheballyes 9/22/2006 7:31:50 PM

dude is totally insane

replicant 9/22/2006 8:33:52 PM

nice name. failure

ahab 9/22/2006 8:51:27 PM

good news. hopsefully axis of eden will be a return to form.

ahab 9/22/2006 8:51:37 PM

hopefully even

scenepoints 9/22/2006 9:19:41 PM

it will compete with Skaltic Blod records for having the worst recording quality ever

snails 9/22/2006 9:27:00 PM

first post

rochtv 9/22/2006 10:26:50 PM

This is cool news but the name of the label could be better. Might as well call it rockstar supernova records.

puntis 9/23/2006 12:04:45 AM

i likd the production on 'it all comes down to this'. BANE.

sacralplexus 9/23/2006 12:14:16 AM

horrendous awful producer

bigego 9/23/2006 4:44:28 AM


silentasian 9/23/2006 6:15:18 AM

YES! fck. YES! *cums all over himself*

hammerhead 9/23/2006 9:37:47 AM

Steve Austin forgot more about music & art than you've ever known.

Dave2112 9/23/2006 1:36:19 PM

^ Ummm, what?!

anaturaldisaster 9/25/2006 5:03:20 PM

This record will be amazing, his production is hit or miss though.

Fur_Beach 9/25/2006 7:50:10 PM

*bes excited*

forumdrama 9/26/2006 11:23:58 AM

"Might as well call it rockstar supernova records." Yeah, because before that show, there was never such a thing as, or called, supernova, stupid fck.

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