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See You Next Tuesday signs w/ Ferret Music

Thursday, September 7, 2006 11:02 AM PT

Official press release:

Ferret Music would like to welcome See You Next Tuesday as the newest artist to their roster. This Michigan based four piece plays what they simply refer to as "Brutal Grind for brutal dudes" but aficionados of brutal music will also note the band's use of innovation and experimentation to expand the genre past blast beats and cookie monster growls. Main songwriter Drew Slavik (guitar) who never repeats chords in the band's songs is obsessed with bringing back the 80's shred style. Commenting on this he says "I only play vintage 80's Kramers and made it my mission to bring back the whammy bar!" Similarly driven vocalist Brandon "Bear" Schroeder can deliver screams in two pitches at once using a circular breathing technique similar to the throat singing method of the Tibetan Tuvan monks. Completing the arsenal, rhythm section of Andy Dalton (drums) and Travis Martin (bass) populate the bottom end with enough propulsion to launch an A-Bomb.

It is hard to believe that this same band only started two and a half years ago as a joke. "I originally was playing bass and just decided to pick up the guitar on a whim, our drummer is a guitar player and our vocalist was given the job because he had cool facial hair" Slavik admits. Writing a ridiculously over the top grind album in three weeks, the band self-released it and played locally for close to a year. Recounted by Slavik "We realized that we could write songs that didn't suck and people actually enjoyed what we did as a joke, so we thought, what could we do if we took this seriously?" The band who averages twenty one years old have been touring non-stop over the past year across the continental U.S. as well as Canada and Tijuana, Mexico. These self-booked tours have been as little as four days at a time and as much as a month straight. Playing with relatively every notable band in heavy music in recent history, the band has developed an especially strong bond with Number 12 Looks Like You and A Job For A Cowboy. Ferret Music kept hearing the buzz about this band from different sources including Number 12's manager and came calling.

See You Next Tuesday will be recording their Ferret debut later this year with Andreas Magnusson (Scarlet, The Black Dahlia Murder) for an early 2007 debut. You can check them out here.

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