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Hate Eternal DVD slated for October release

Friday, August 25, 2006 12:08 PM PT

Official press release (Earache Records):

Death metal legends Hate Eternal will release their first ever DVD 'The Perilous Fight' on October 16th 2006. The DVD features artwork from Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium) and also includes a blistering live set filmed at The Garage in London on 4th June 2006, with a live audio mix by Hate Eternal frontman Erik Rutan.

'The Perilous Fight' delves deep into the life of one of death metal's most influential bands, with Erik Rutan, Randy Piro and Reno Killerich sharing their thoughts on Hate Eternal so far in an exclusive 20 minute interview filmed immediately following the June 2006 London show.

Exhibiting sheer metal mastery, this DVD is overloaded with bonus features including a guided tour of Mana Studios in Florida by Rutan himself and three promotional videos from the band, including the exclusive unreleased 'The Victorious Reign' directed by Shane Drake (Panic! At The Disco, Trivium, Hawthorne Heights).

Fans of Hate Eternal should be sure to grab their own copy of this unstoppable metal chaos when it is released on October 16th. The full tracklisting of 'The Perilous Fight' will run as follows:

Main Feature:

01. Two Demons
02. Servants Of The Gods
03. The Victorious Reign
04. Dogma Condemned
05. I, Monarch
06. Behold Judas
07. The Obscure Terror
08. To Know Our Enemies
09. Powers That Be
10. By His Own Decree
11. Sons Of Darkness
12. King Of All Kings

Promo Videos:

01. The Powers That Be
02. I, Monarch
03. The Victorious Reign

Bonus Features:

Hate Eternal interview
Behind the Scenes at Mana Studios

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