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It Dies Today, Silverstein, Aiden tour

Dates have been finalized for It Dies Today's upcoming tour with Silverstein and Aiden. Here's the schedule: 10/13 Milwaukee, WI @ Rave 10/14 Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club 10/15 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues 10/17 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre 10/18 Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom 10/19 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues 10/20 Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall 10/21 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts 10/23 St. Louis, MN @ Pop's 10/25 Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theatre 10/27 Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon 10/28 Boise, ID @ Big Easy 10/29 Portland, OR @ Loveland 10/30 Seattle, WA @ Showbox 11/01 San Francisco, CA @ Fillmore 11/02 Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues 11/03 Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse 11/04 San Diego, CA @ SOMA 11/05 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues 11/06 Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues 11/07 Phoenix, AZ @ Marquis Theatre 11/08 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre 11/10 Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room 11/11 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit 11/12 Houston, TX @ Meridian 11/14 Orlando, FL @ House of Blues 11/15 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade 11/16 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall 11/17 Norfolk, VA @ The Norva 11/18 ashington, DC @ 9:30 Club 11/19 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza 11/21 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero 11/22 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom 11/24 Worcester, MA @ Palladium 11/25 Albany, NY @ Northern Lights


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cryptic_slaughter 8/24/2006 2:53:18 PM

gays need death asap

ridethesnakexxx 8/24/2006 3:00:43 PM

There are no words to describe how much gay shit this is.

deadchinadoll 8/24/2006 3:01:30 PM

fck all three of these bands. silverstien and aiden both blow and it dies today has sold out beyond all recognition. not to say they were good before but fck.

Hunt_fish_with_dynamite 8/24/2006 3:04:42 PM

gays need death asapcryptic_slaughter 8/24/2006 2:53:18 PM gays need death asapcryptic_slaughter 8/24/2006 2:53:18 PM gays need death asapcryptic_slaughter 8/24/2006 2:53:18 PM gays need death asap

BadAxe 8/24/2006 3:04:49 PM

Why am I even wasting my time with this?

solaceinviolence 8/24/2006 3:12:37 PM

gayest. tour. ever.

tednugent 8/24/2006 3:15:23 PM

stlouis, MN ??

ikillinmydreams 8/24/2006 3:19:51 PM

oh boy....its gonna be a sucking marathon! the only problem is it wont be females doing the sucking.

woodwater 8/24/2006 3:24:29 PM

ikillinmydreams 8/24/2006 3:19:51 PM oh boy....its gonna be a sucking marathon! the only problem is it wont be females doing the sucking. - I've got to be honest, that was the most clever thing I've ever read. Congratulations. Read a book.

zombiesatedusty 8/24/2006 3:26:41 PM

Gypsy Tea Room will now tainted with gayness.

no_cool_names_left 8/24/2006 3:28:25 PM

I'm going to every single night of this tour.

putupyerdukes 8/24/2006 3:39:32 PM

..presenting the #1 tour to avoid this fall!

CLAWHAMMER 8/24/2006 3:45:11 PM

We told Aiden their girlfriends were fat once.

xcutyermulletx 8/24/2006 4:17:14 PM

won't be there.EVER!! they all need to DIE!!!!

xemoryhardcorex 8/24/2006 4:18:35 PM

he is legend is on this tour too.

AndyFaint 8/24/2006 4:19:02 PM

10/23 St. Louis, MN @ Pop's There is no such place as St Louis, Minnesota.

bolognapony 8/24/2006 4:32:20 PM

I'll be up front hardcore dancing like there's no tomorrow

sumballo_botrues 8/24/2006 4:56:31 PM

is there even a need to say it? g-hey.

poorolls 8/24/2006 5:07:50 PM

why do they keep bringing this gay shit to hollywood. fck. death to all these gay bands. pssy bands pssy bands pssy bands.

yourewakingup 8/24/2006 5:14:15 PM

AP called, they want their news back

burzum 8/24/2006 5:16:06 PM

Entombed, Dismember, & Grave can't come anywhere near my city...yet this shit may as well hit here twice. motherfcks.

Fur_Beach 8/24/2006 5:33:09 PM

I want my click back

oceanswillrise 8/24/2006 6:00:35 PM

Fur_Beach 8/24/2006 5:33:09 PM I want my click back--- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

thisaintsweettea 8/24/2006 6:18:08 PM


die_die_die 8/24/2006 6:25:50 PM

shit x 3

holycitybradley 8/24/2006 6:31:37 PM

worst tour in history of music

nondescript 8/24/2006 7:05:41 PM

if only thrice were playing... what a gay tour. go die.

nathandhardy999 8/24/2006 7:07:57 PM

i come to lambgoat thinking im going to read about deathfests. killer tours. yet i get this.

cancan 8/24/2006 7:28:53 PM

i'm so gay i have to read this gay post and let everyone know that it is gay.

onemanfistfight 8/24/2006 7:54:11 PM

ridethesnakexxx 8/24/2006 3:00:43 PM There are no words to describe how much gay shit this is.

xvegeedgex 8/24/2006 7:54:25 PM

cl*ttour '06.

tom_will_rise 8/24/2006 8:02:50 PM

I'm goin Grateful Dead style, getting a van and following FOR EVERY fckING DATE. this tour will be the worst tour ever. no doubt.

BAMRightINThePisser 8/24/2006 9:23:24 PM

Isn't it great how 90% of all of these comment will contain word like "Gay, gays, homos, queers, pussies, etc?" Sad but true. Oh yeah these bands are a bunch of "gay ass gay ho9mo queer pussies" Yeah I said it, I'm so original.

bearclawrawr 8/24/2006 10:19:47 PM

all you people in here bitch about bands that have actually made something of themseleves, and who cares if there scene or not, your just all bitches

MarginError 8/24/2006 10:35:53 PM

Sometimes I wonder if webby posts shit like this to make fun of our hatred for this particular sect of the genre.

sharkfight 8/24/2006 10:55:51 PM

these are the kind of news posts i look at just for the comments. however, nobody was actually clever or funny this time.

rick_tocchet 8/24/2006 11:22:28 PM

this tour would be even better if it was cancelled.

whitelambpowergoat 8/25/2006 1:08:46 AM

i dub this the "gayest aids eating gays get together and have gay fun all across america"

xnvb 8/25/2006 1:49:22 AM

This tour and every one of these bands embodies the word gay and every synonym that said word may have. fcking eat shit, every one of these bands.

getaids 8/25/2006 4:59:42 AM

Oh mom, please buy me a 25 dollar ticket to the HAIRSPRAY AND BUTTSEX TOUR 2006.... Please!

xTooxManyxXsx 8/25/2006 5:32:13 AM

geeez, ohio's getting ass beatd 3 times

Dave2112 8/25/2006 6:15:50 AM

bearclawrawr, its about being scene or whatever it was you said, its about righting good music. Good music that isnt eat up with commercial corruption. I dislike these bands for that very reason.

were_all_dicked 8/25/2006 7:45:38 AM

I remember at warped tour how happy I was when remembering never played at the same time that aiden did because I didn't have to see an abundnce of eyeliner and girl pants, ha

tama812 8/25/2006 11:15:47 AM

WOW! How much has It Dies Today jumped on the "Let's be douchebags and get fcked in the ass" bandwagon? What a fckin shame!

rogerduhall 8/25/2006 1:40:36 PM

HAHAHAHAHA!!! pwnd!!!!!

taintcore 8/25/2006 2:12:29 PM

Ex-girlfriend tour.

loki 8/25/2006 3:11:47 PM

hopefully people who go to this tour live to regret it

thisispassion 8/25/2006 3:45:37 PM

yay talk shit on lambgoat

kenwregget 8/25/2006 3:58:47 PM

I hope terrorists strike every arena on this tour in proficient succession. Realistically, this tour should not exist.

ikillinmydreams 8/26/2006 11:50:38 AM

woodwater-good luck w/ your transition into a woman...resume back to eating c-ck

TonyVictory 8/27/2006 3:11:32 PM

I never wore girl pants until this morning at church, they feel fantastic, now I know why I sign bands that wear girl pants, it must be the cotton panel

xomertax 8/27/2006 10:02:30 PM

gays R Us tour

motherfckzombies 8/28/2006 12:31:43 PM

hahahaha this tour missed me by 4 hours!!! YES!!!!! Thank god.

djc666 8/28/2006 7:38:06 PM

Ill go to see IDT and he is legend....silverstein and aiden blow balls

i_wouldnt_count_on_it 8/28/2006 8:15:29 PM

i want to dump large bags of crap from the roof on the kids in line to see this crapfest. i would love to smell the irony

rogerduhall 8/30/2006 1:42:13 AM

omg!! i'm totally going to this shit

snails 8/30/2006 8:48:12 AM

break up already homos

likeatonabricks 9/22/2006 12:55:43 PM

It Dies Togay

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