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Killswitch Engage set to release new album

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 9:55 AM PT / 6,102 views
Killswitch Engage has titled their upcoming album "As Daylight Dies." Produced by Killswitch guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, the effort will hit stores on November 21st via Roadrunner Records. Speaking to MTV.com, bassist Mike D'Antonio had the following to say: "There was really hardly any thought put into it at all. It just came out and we hadn't written in so long that everyone had a lot to contribute. It felt more like the sessions for Alive Or Just Breathing, where everyone was contributing, and everyone had a say. That is more, to me, what the Killswitch style is. But, it is the typical line that everyone gives you - that this is a heavier album — but it kind of is. It's definitely way heavier. There are still the melodic choruses here and there, and there's a lot to latch onto. But it's heavy."

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