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Blacklisted officially staying together

Thursday, August 10, 2006 9:02 PM PT / 4,875 views
After several weeks of uncertainly, including an early-July break-up announcement, Blacklisted has decided to carry on. They've issued the following statement: "Anyone that has been following the Blacklisted rumor mill has probably heard every thing under the sun regarding this band. To clear things up I would first like to say, thank you to anyone who has showed any interest and emailed, messaged or otherwise got in touch with us, giving kind words to stay together. While driving across the country to play Sound and Fury, I got a phone call from a friend in Chicago for us to play there on our way back home, We had been talking about how we thought we made a bad decision with 'breaking up' so the prospect of another show was a good one. After we found a bass player and confirmed for the Chicago show, we got offered two more shows (Denver, Omaha). After playing these shows and continuing on our 'mini-tour' we all for the first time since Tim left the band felt on the same page about continuing on without him. Our experience at Sound And Fury alone was enough to make us re-evaluate our decision, one of the most intense experiences we have ever had as a band. We can't wait for next year. With that said, Blacklisted is still a band. We will be touring the United states all of September. October we will be going to Europe with Rise And Fall and in November we will be doing around a week or so with a band that says there are No Heroes [editor - that would be Converge]."

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