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Boy Sets Fire calling it quits

Monday, July 31, 2006 7:02 PM PT

Boy Sets Fire will be breaking up this fall. Formed in 1994, the Delaware band has previously released material with Initial Records, Victory Records, Wind-Up Records, and Equal Vision Records, among others. Here's a statement from the band:

"Dear friends, it is not with a heavy heart that we write these words but with a head held high. We wanted to collectively inform you that Boysetsfire has decided to retire. Thank you all for your support and belief in us over the last 12 years... please know it meant the world to us. Boysetsfire for us was always a vehicle for changing the world and we believe that change comes about by starting with yourself, so instead of awaiting certain things to come our way, as always we decided to take our destiny in our own hands. We're not sure which path each of us will take from here on out, but we plan to continue following our dreams... we will play all the shows of our upcoming European tour and possibly one or two last shows on the East Coast sometime this fall (we will keep you posted on this). Good-night."

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