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Blacklisted not breaking up?

Monday, July 31, 2006 6:50 PM PT / 5,507 views
According to Deathwish Inc., Blacklisted might be sticking around for a bit after all. As you may recall, Blacklisted announced their impending break-up in early-July. Here's the latest from Deathwish: "Blacklisted played what was meant to be one of their last shows at Sound and Fury Festival this past weekend. With the massive success of this show, it turns out that the band is contemplating continuing on, here's the lastest from the band, I'm sure we'll have more news later this week: 'Besides Sound and Fury, we will be playing Tuesday August 1st in Denver Colorado with Down To Nothing, Wednesday August 2nd in Omaha Nebraska with Down To Nothing, Friday August 4th in Chicago Illinois at the Heist Fest, and This Is Hardcore Fest. I thought we were breaking up, who really knows, see you soon.'"

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