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Unearth, Bleeding Through, Animosity tour

Unearth will headline a tour starting in September with Bleeding Through and Animosity, in addition to special guests that have yet to be announced. The following dates have been confirmed thus far: 9/7 Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues 9/9 Chicago, IL @ Congress Theatre 9/10 Minneapolis, MN @ The Quest 9/11 Kansas City, MO @ Beaumont Club 9/12 Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre 9/13 Magna, UT @ The Great Salt Air 9/15 San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore 9/16 Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre 9/17 San Diego, CA @ Soma 9/18 Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre 9/19 Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues 9/21 San Antonio, TX @ Grahm Central Station 9/22 Houston, TX @ Club V 9/23 Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Ballroom 9/25 Atlanta, GA @ Dekalb Atlanta Center


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ese_bauber 7/26/2006 8:28:06 AM


benSY 7/26/2006 8:34:23 AM

Second. THis is a sweet tour minus bleeding poo

prettymetal 7/26/2006 8:43:07 AM

^^^are you kidding? nothing about this tour is 'sweet'...

gozer 7/26/2006 8:55:29 AM

sweet tour besides Uneart and Bleding Through, and most of the special guests.

djbrokeback 7/26/2006 9:09:46 AM

i'd go for unearth and animosity

StreetForce 7/26/2006 9:15:44 AM

i'd leave after animosity

moshandroll 7/26/2006 9:24:31 AM

i'd go for uneart and animosity

ihatepickingusernames 7/26/2006 9:32:33 AM

9/25 Atlanta, GA @ Dekalb Atlanta Center:: what the fck is that?? i've never heard/seen that place

cryptic_slaughter 7/26/2006 10:06:13 AM


oopsbrokemyhip 7/26/2006 10:19:56 AM

Animosity are the shit. 9/23 I'm there

darthdeathstar 7/26/2006 10:40:49 AM

what a bummer for animosity more like bleeding.. stupid

fuck_you_bitch 7/26/2006 11:17:20 AM

fck yeah dank ass tour. finally animosity got on a bill with bands that will give them the exposure they need. oh yeah and for all you fcks who r going to crticize me, i dont care what you think

bweedingkanziz 7/26/2006 11:34:41 AM

the fck is club V?

panzram 7/26/2006 11:55:10 AM

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

BAMRightINThePisser 7/26/2006 12:19:34 PM

Animosity...fcking awesome musicians but very wierd people in general, Unearth used to be extremely awesome but went too hardcore and Bleeding Through? Bleh, fck them. No New York? SHIT!!

efyourbrokencouch 7/26/2006 12:23:00 PM

Unearth and Bleeding Through totally forgot about the venues that got them big. I'm suprised Animosity's on this tour.

upperdeckered 7/26/2006 12:49:29 PM

Yet to be announced special guests?! Hahaha...they've been announced and they're Through The Eyes Of The Dead and Terror. I don't know if there's more...but I know those for sure.

bigbuTTbill 7/26/2006 1:36:16 PM

18th post. Shitfest.

tom_will_rise 7/26/2006 2:13:48 PM

animosity boo

Spike 7/26/2006 2:49:32 PM

Needs to come to Toronto. Unearth and Bleeding Through.

fsovercrooks 7/26/2006 3:22:47 PM

yay for animo :D it'll be good for them

grudgecityhxc 7/26/2006 3:59:42 PM


SmolderingFlesh 7/26/2006 4:13:04 PM

Wow trendy metal-core shit bands touring.. who didnt see that coming... animosity sucks balls

jerryseinfeld 7/26/2006 4:37:52 PM

son of a bitch. u know how many gay kids will like animosity now. too many.

Strongarm 7/26/2006 4:39:38 PM

Eh fck it, I still support Unearth and Animosity, but get BT the hell outta here. NOW!

nathandhardy999 7/26/2006 6:11:44 PM

this about made me throw up.

fuckingfight 7/26/2006 6:53:05 PM

i love animosity and everything, and it'd be good for them to get more exposure, but now in addition to every scene gay liking them, now every nu metal gay will too. guh D:

xnvb 7/26/2006 9:26:36 PM

Animosity is sweet, Unearth is fun live. Bleeding Through's new shit sucks though. Why 3 California dates, and no northwest? fck.

everytimeIcry 7/26/2006 11:02:06 PM

BTs new shit sucks? Try all of it. Fashion-core homos with gay riffs. Im going for unearth.

anaturaldisaster 7/27/2006 4:00:56 AM

Pretty decent tour, but no Toronto, no care.

Sushi 7/27/2006 5:56:24 AM

Keep this poop away from St. Louis.

xmecxmatt 7/27/2006 8:22:00 AM

umm unearth was good in 2001, bleeding through was good in 99, and who cares about animosity

forumdrama 7/27/2006 11:48:18 AM

special guests include black label society

watchyoudie 7/27/2006 11:50:05 AM

New Unearth is so weak. It sounds like new In Flames.

PrepElvis 7/27/2006 1:37:39 PM

Please come to Zimbabwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NoTalentAssclown 7/27/2006 2:36:38 PM

9/21 at Grahm Central Station???? I'm going only if it's Tejano night. *Gritos*

burzum 7/27/2006 3:09:56 PM

fcking weak.

bobdole 7/27/2006 5:11:02 PM

Pretty sure the houston show is at Verizon, not 'Club V'.

bard7741 7/27/2006 11:57:07 PM

Animosity owns this tour.

xomertax 7/28/2006 12:16:35 AM

Animosity is clearly the best band on this tour

baobab 9/5/2006 10:05:21 PM

xomertax 7/28/2006 12:16:35 AM Animosity is clearly the best band on this tour ^^^

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