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The Secret drummer quits

Monday, July 24, 2006 10:21 PM PT

Less than two weeks after announcing the departure of guitarist Daniele Di Luca, Italy's The Secret has lost the services of drummer Simone Pellegrini, who has decided to leave the band. Here's what the band has to say about Pellegrini's exodus:

"It's been pretty much a shock for us, being the decision completely unexpected. The reasons behind the departure seems to be the will to dedicate more time on being a model and playing in his other band. Anyway the decision has been communicated through a short text message so we still don't know and don't want to know more about it. Losing a guitarist and the drummer in less than a week forced us to cancel our summer shows, not being able to find a replacement in time. As you can imagine, we're now looking for a new drummer so if you are interested about playing with us and you're not a prick, please contact us at our Myspace page.

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