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The Gates of Slumber update

Sunday, June 25, 2006 11:31 AM PT

The Gates of Slumber have created their own record label: Slumbering Souls Records and is on the verge of releasing their debut release, the "God Wills It" 12" EP. This is a 12" single of the epic True Doom 21 minute passage "God Wills It" which will appear on the group's next album "Suffer No Guilt" for I Hate Records.

This 12" will contain the song "God Wills It" on side A and Side B will contain "The Cloaked Figure" which was recorded during the session of the group's first album "The Awakening" but was never released, "Stitched back from Deth" which appears on the group's acclaimed "Sabbath Witch" demo, and "Broken On The Wheel" which was recorded live at last year's Templars Of DOOM festival in Indianapolis, IN. The 12" will be available next week through the group's message board.

Meanwhile, the group's second full-length album "Suffer No Guilt," on which "God Wills It" appears, is a 75 minute effort which will be released in mid-July via Sweden's I Hate Records.

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