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Fantomas set to release covers

Friday, April 13, 2001 11:15 AM PT

Ipecac Records has revealed the tracklisting for the upcoming Fantomas, The Director's Cut album which will be probably be released in July. The album features cover versions of soundtrack songs. Here is the tracklisting:
  1. The Godfather (Rota)
  2. The Golem (Sasse)
  3. Spider Baby (Stein)
  4. One Step Beyond (Lubin)
  5. Night Of The Hunter (Schumann)
  6. Cape Fear (Herrmann)
  7. Experiment In Terror (Mancini)
  8. The Omen (Goldsmith)
  9. Vendetta (Barry)
  10. Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me (Badalamenti)
  11. The Devil Rides Out (Bernard)
  12. Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (Mcnaughton)
  13. Rosemary's Baby (Komeda)
  14. Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion (Morricone)
  15. Charade (Mancini)
  16. Flashdance- What A Feeling (Cara)