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Bleeding Through film new video

Official press release: Will Brandan's wife become food for the cannibalistic hillbillies? Is the rest of the band lobotomized zombies? What exactly is that dark figure in the hood? These were some of the questions we were left with at the cliffhanger ending of Bleeding Through's video for the song "Kill To Believe." That video was the first single from the band's new full-length album The Truth which has quickly scanned over 75,000 albums in the U.S. since its release earlier this year. The band has returned to the California desert this week to film a new video for the song Love In Slow Motion which continues the band's homage to gritty Americana horror. Directed by Zach Merck (Shadows Fall, Converge) and Kevin Leonard (Himsa, Diecast) the videos are a loving tribute to the work of George Romero (Night Of The Living Dead) and Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Merck explains how he came up with the concept "When we met with the band they explained that a number of their peers were going the rock & roll route with their music and getting more polished. With this album they were returning to a rawer and darker sound. I took that to mean instead of doing a bigger and glossier video that we return to the roots of the gritty and lo-fi horror movies that inspired us as kids." The first video for Kill To Believe showed Bleeding Through vocalist Brandan Schieppati and his on-screen bride breaking down in front of an unusual diner that included patrons chained to their tables, Marta (keyboards) as a knife wielding psychotic waitress and hulking, sinister backwoods brothers. At the end of the video Brandan, who was overpowered by the backwoods sadists escaped from a box that was bound to be sunk to the bottom of the river. The final scene sees him gleaming two foot tire jack in hand going back into the diner to save his bride from the sinister clutches of the villains. Merck and Leonard have been hard at work trying to top the first video. New locations include the lair of the backwoods brothers and their torture chamber. The dungeon of death is replete with every "vile thing you can imagine" according to the two. "The idea we are going with this one is to make the film Hostel look like a Disney Movie," Leonard gleefully remarks.

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