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Ferret confirms new imprint, signing

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 9:41 PM PT

As we reported yesterday, Ferret Music has formed a new imprint called New Weathermen Records, who in turn have signed Heavyheavylowlow. Here's the official word:

Ferret Music has announced the formation of a new imprint to the label to be known as New Weathermen Records. The imprint is the brainchild of Nick Storch, booking agent to high profile artists such as Atreyu, Coheed And Cambria, Unearth and As I Lay Dying. Inspired by bands he works with such as Fear Before The March Of Flames and The Number Twelve Looks Like You, the new imprint will focus on bands that are heavy but have an arty component to their music as well. The label's first signing is San Jose, CA's Heavy Heavy Low Low, whose music is a combustible mesh of noise, hardcore, tempo changes and vocal shifts. Speaking on the impetus for the new label, Storch explains "I want to sign bands that are challenging and will hit the listener on a visceral level and make them feel something, rather than focusing on mainstream appeal."

Heavy Heavy Low Low were introduced to Storch by Thomas Erak of the band The Fall Of Troy who are of the same mind musically. "Thomas thought I would enjoy this band and I heard their demo and was blown away. They have an insane stage presence that is unlike any of the bands I see around today. The vocalist has a star quality and magnetic yet disaffected vibe that reminds me of Jim Morrison of the Doors. I wished that someone would sign them so I could work them. I kept joking with Paul [Conroy, partner at Ferret Music] asking when he was going to give me my own imprint. Finally he asked me if I was serious and I told him I was and New Weathermen came to be."

Speaking on the new addition to Ferret Music, label President Carl Severson comments: "Nick has been a friend and colleague for a number of years. I have been thrilled to watch his roster grow and see what he has developed into as a booking agent. He is also tapped into this new music scene with the artists he is bringing into New Weathermen that wouldn't necessarily make it across our radar. The label will complement what Ferret Music is doing as well as bring something new to the table."

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