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Fucked Up prepares to release debut album

Toronto's Fucked Up will release their debut full-length October 10th via Jade Tree Records. Titled "Hidden World," here's an official statement regarding the new album: "Hidden World is cloaked in shades of unconventional aesthetics, symbolic overtones and an 'Are you with us or against us?' burst of urgency. The album marks a turning point for the band, transcending the boundaries of punk with melody, aggression, expansive structures and enigmatic diatribes on what lies underneath the immediate, visualized world. This isn't your prototypical punk band. Their songs average 5 minutes, and the majority of Hidden World utilizes violins, acoustic guitars, samples, piano and other instrumentation. Lyrically, Fucked Up continue to combine confrontational ideologies with deliberately skewed subject matter, producing a brutal yet alternative analysis on thought provocative punk." The track listing is as follows: 01. Crusades 02. David Comes To Life 03. Invisible Leader 04. Carried Out To The Sea 05. Baiting The Public 06. Fate of Fates 07. Two Snakes 08. Hidden World 09. Manqueller Man 10. Blaze Of Glory 11. Triumph of Life 12. Jacobs Ladder 13. Vivian Girls

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