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One Dead Three Wounded prepare new album

Wed, May 17, 2006 2:30 PM PT3,943 views

Official press release: On July 18th, 2006, One Dead Three Wounded will release "Moving Units," their sophomore effort on New Jersey-based 1x1 Music. "We spent more time on this record… a year...it makes for a better record," says vocalist Tim Zahodski. "It's more aggressive, pissed off, cynical…and it's better written." Continuing in the band's unique style, Moving Units is a metal/hardcore fan's fantasy album: the bastard child of Southern grooves and sledgehammer breakdowns. "Moving Units is our reaction to the insincerity of the business side of music. We've never been in a position where that mattered. It's a record that really questions our ethics and our place as apart of the industry. It also serves as a reminder for our future selves to not get sucked into it all. I want it to remind us what motivated us to play music to begin with: five kids in a van, in a basement, or a hall sharing something." One Dead Three Wounded tours constantly and presents a crushing live performance. "That's what the song 'Pretty Faces, Shitty Places' is about. We play in some of the worst parts of town whenever we go on tour, but it's great to see all of these kids come out just to see us." The band immediately gets the crowd moving, and it's not uncommon for kids to rush the stage in an attempt to share vocal duties with Zahodski, especially in Philadelphia. "The fans react really well. You cannot recreate the feelings of a live hometown show." A track listing for Moving Units comprises: 01. Planning Obsolescence 02. Black Holes 03. Moving Units 04. Soldiers 05. Cold War 06. Cardia 07. Pretty Faces, Shitty Places 08. We're Broke Til Payday 09. Compassionate Assassins 10. Bad Business

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