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Roadrunner Records signs Megadeth

Official press release: Roadrunner Records has officially announced the signing of Megadeth. Recognized as one of rock's most forward-thinking bands, Megadeth and its frontman Dave Mustaine have cast a long shadow on the metal and hard rock landscape with millions of records sold worldwide and an undeniable influence echoed in scores of young bands today. "We are proud to be working with one of the chief architects of modern hard rock and metal: Dave Mustaine. Megadeth and Roadrunner have led parallel careers on the cutting edge of metal for years now. The combination of the two is bound to be lethal," says A&R man, Mike Gitter. Mustaine says of his new home "It is exciting to be some place you are respected, understood and appreciated. The truth is there's a lot of people I've known there over the years. I'm stoked we're all coming back together again to work on this project." Megadeth has begun work on its as-yet-untitled Roadrunner debut under the watchful eye of Mustaine and co-producer Jeff Balding (who helmed 2004's The System Has Failed). Mustaine is also presently finalizing the lineup for Megadeth's Gigantour 2 festival of the U.S.

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bolognapony 5/15/2006 7:47:00 PM


littlemac 5/15/2006 7:47:08 PM


janitor_joe 5/15/2006 7:48:20 PM king!

soulseekisdown 5/15/2006 7:49:52 PM

fck roadrunner

omgwhatacoolx 5/15/2006 7:50:50 PM

usually bands start sucking after they sign to labels like roadrunner, megadeth was one step ahead of the game.

sacralplexus 5/15/2006 7:55:43 PM

eh, they're no job for a cowboy

xtroyx 5/15/2006 8:11:26 PM

i don't think their last album did very well.. i could be wrong.

YouAreHearingMeTalk 5/15/2006 8:30:00 PM

Not to sound like a dick, but their last album actually did very well. You may not like them, but this label is ridiculously good at attracting established and talented bands.

xsongsofselfx 5/15/2006 8:35:36 PM

More like the cast a long shadow with their long coke lines. fck.

mikeinflames 5/15/2006 8:55:16 PM

this band needs to call it quits especially after thier "Gigantour" did anyone actually go to that? a friend of mine worked security at the Toronto date and said they only sold 1/6 of the seats

theyuppiegrinder 5/15/2006 9:23:11 PM

what the fck. megadeth doesnt need a fcking label...theyre MEGADETH for christ sake!

I_AM_FUCK 5/15/2006 9:23:57 PM


cydrx 5/15/2006 10:03:58 PM

no megadeth, no. brrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

thisheartscoma 5/15/2006 10:12:48 PM

I_AM_fck 5/15/2006 9:23:57 PM LOL LOL LOL this is exactly what i thought

nowicks_hxc 5/15/2006 10:48:01 PM

worst band ever.

marching_band_rules 5/15/2006 11:24:51 PM

so much gayry going on in this news piece. fck this band and this label, gay gay gay gay gay

natestarkiller 5/15/2006 11:38:11 PM

YouAreHearingMeTalk 5/15/2006 8:30:00 PM Not to sound like a dick, but their last album actually did very well. You may not like them, but this label is ridiculously good at attracting established and talented bands.

strongislandsfinest 5/16/2006 12:43:22 AM

if i wanted listen to an x dope head born again christan, id answer when they knocked on my fckin door. garbage

dieforthisday 5/16/2006 12:53:09 AM

so when is the hatebreed megadeath tour?

simonbyronbrody 5/16/2006 4:01:28 AM

frenetic amnesiac trap?

xCERVIXDESTROYERx 5/16/2006 6:05:53 AM

booooring. the last good thing this band put out was rust in peace. pure radio shite now.

titsXmcgee 5/16/2006 9:30:09 AM

mustaine=pssy. and if he reads these comments, he'll probably start crying again.

DannibalTheCannibal 5/16/2006 9:32:53 AM

first post.....................

peno 5/16/2006 9:49:01 AM

"Megadeth and Roadrunner have led parallel careers on the cutting edge of metal for years" Are you fck'n serious?

Loki 5/16/2006 10:57:28 AM

no matter how good megadeth is Metallica will always be better....even now man!

rick_tocchet 5/16/2006 11:15:57 AM

Megadeath, Megasucks

mcflip 5/16/2006 11:17:05 AM

Metallica is better maybe if you're comparing being kicked in the stomach to having a spastic colon. Also, I thought the last record was the last "Megadeth" record and that everything else was going to be Mustaine solo....

cryptic_slaughter 5/16/2006 11:24:31 AM

this band needs to go away forever

kragg 5/16/2006 1:31:24 PM

"nice story...TELL IT TO READER'S DIGEST!"

NIGdestroyer 5/16/2006 2:02:30 PM


guerrilladigital 5/16/2006 2:40:21 PM

The thing is... Roadrunner is going to go broke, paying people to listen to this record. Granted, there *may* be some equity in the name... perhaps they could do the second-rate 'town festival' circuit this Summer.

moshandroll 5/16/2006 3:13:31 PM

both Metallica and Megadeth are washed up. fck em both

sumballo_botrues 5/16/2006 3:28:40 PM

yet another good example of why roadrunner sucks balls.

sloppyg 5/16/2006 3:33:58 PM

these dudes are still a band?

XBDWX 5/16/2006 7:05:39 PM

Please go away yes you were once ok but it is time to go.

forumdrama 5/16/2006 8:57:55 PM

Megadeth was fcking changing the face of metal while your moms were still deciding whether they should abort you or not.

Turd_Ferguson 5/16/2006 10:49:23 PM

Megadeth should have a label named after them...what the hell?

phantomlord 5/17/2006 3:28:02 AM

megadeth is one of my favorites of all time, but they are a little washed up. there are some decent tunes on 'the system has failed'. not like anyone on this board would appreciate if megadeth even put out another good album.

pandemon 5/17/2006 3:41:02 AM

funniest news ever

MarbleDecker 5/17/2006 2:20:06 PM

Dave Mustaine just recently moved out of AZ to a very nice multi-million dollar home in Cali. Wonder what happened to his lil' revolutionary ranch thing... *yawn*

chiz 5/17/2006 6:33:56 PM

after rust in peace,this band has sucked every major penis.just to record yet again another worthless album.dave and the boys need to start using nosecandy again.maybe then,just maybe it might happen

tom_will_rise 5/17/2006 8:22:43 PM

hey, maybe this year on Gigantour 2 mustaine won't make bands not drink on tour and maybe he won't force them to go to church with him. PROBABLY NOT! cheers to born again christians

phantomlord 5/18/2006 3:53:17 AM

does the fact that hes a gay now take away the sweet ass albums he wrote? killing is my business-countdown are some of the best metal records to date.

LordofChaos 5/18/2006 4:19:20 PM


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