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Lamb Of God title new album

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 10:17 PM PT

Official press release:

Lamb Of God have set "Sacrament" as the title of their highly anticipated album release, due late Summer 2006 via Epic Records. The group has been unusually tight lipped about the new recording, turning down all but a select few in-studio and pre-studio interviews. No listening sessions, demo recordings or audio samples have been granted or released.

News from March 2nd notes that the band had once again tapped friend and producer Machine ("Ashes of the Wake") to handle the production duties for "Sacrament. At that time drummer Chris Adler had the following to say:

"Everyone wants to know what the new material is like or have us compare it to something. It's tough to do because when your proud of something you want to say it's better than something else or that it's more of this or that. I don't want to do that – every Lamb Of God album has been a snapshot in time, a puzzle that spelled out who we are as individual musicians and as a band. They each represent a certain amount of experience and ability – and without saying more, we now have more of both of those than ever. We have continued to raise the bar for ourselves in every aspect of what we do, and we are expecting more of ourselves than ever heading into this. We're looking forward to tracking and releasing this intense and very heavy release."

News surfaced that as of April 11th drummer Chris Adler had finished tracking drums at Spin Recording studios in Long Island City, New York. All interviews with Chris and his brother Willie Adler were cancelled during the drum tracking session and several more have been cancelled as the band continues tracking guitars and vocals in Richmond, VA. In the most recent news from the camp, guitarist Mark Morton had the following comments on the recording and the material:

"There's an intensity to this project that feels heavier than previous records. The vibe around the sessions has been serious. Not in a conflict sort of way, just more focused and driven than ever before. We know we're onto something. I've done very few interviews over the course of these sessions and everybody wants to know titles and track listings and details like that, but we're not coming off of that kind of stuff just yet. It's too early. This record's way too important to us to allow anyone in until the five of us are in agreement that it's exactly how we want it. It's definitely not a casual approach this time around. We really want this album to have an impact...it feels like it will."

Lamb Of God is scheduled to set out on the Unholy Alliance Tour with Slayer, Children of Bodom and Mastodon beginning on June 6. The final dates including additional headlining concerts will be announced shortly.

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