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Pelican news and notes

Pelican have posted a lengthy update regarding the latest band developments. Here's all of the info: "Been meaning to post a new update to let you all know what's up since getting back from tour two weeks ago, but life gets pretty hectic when it only happens in small blocks between tours. Anyway, I'm here to set the record straight as quickly and clearly as possible. Speaking of time off between tours - Larry didn't hardly have any! As I stated a little bit ago Lair of the Minotaur are currently on tour and need your support. I went out to their Washington D.C. date and they were phenomenal. Anyone missing out on this metal behemoth are out of their minds or simply don't enjoy banging their head as much as the next guy/girl/etc. I should also state that I dropped the ball on notifying everyone about the release of the long awaited vinyl version of our 'March Into the Sea' EP. There was a nifty preorder internet package available at the HydraHead Online Store that ought to have been mentioned here ahead of time (follow the link now and sign up for their newletter - it's the best way to find out about these things in advance). Honestly, the first I heard about it was 24 hours after it started, but I apologize to you record collectors all the same. Limited quantites of the record will be available from HydraHead, Aquarius Records, Conspiracy Records, and from us on tour while supplies last. That's my cue to discuss our upcoming tour with Mono (whose stunning new record 'You Are There' is now available from Temporary Residence). We are headed out for a whopping six weeks across the United States and a few select Canadian cities - all dates can be found in our Upcoming Shows section. We will be joined, at various points, by our friends Russian Circles, The Life and Times, and Tarentel. We're hitting many cities we haven't been to before; the tradeoff being that we're missing some that we have been to before. We apologize. It kills us, but we can't sandwich every city into every tour - be patient, we WILL be back. There's gonna be plenty of insane merch on the ride with us - including a limited edition screen printed tour poster by our favorite Chicago designers Delicious Design and the aforementioned 'March Into the Sea' 12" vinyl. A vinyl repress is also in the works for our first album 'Australasia' from the fine folks over at Interloper Records. They'll also be bringing Tusk's first album 'Get Ready' into the vinyl realm as soon as test presses are approved. No word on exactly when these will be finished, but there's a high likelihood that they will join us at some point during the tour and be made available for immediate consumption. Possibly the biggest news is that the gears are finally turning on the 2LP version of 'The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw.' Artwork is approved and we are patiently twiddling our thumbs awaiting test presses. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but there is a slim chance that we may get copies of this at some point along the way. Like I said, the chance is slim. Other than that it's the same old story. We've been working on new material and took a break from our last tour to record a totally different version of 'Mammoth' from our first EP that we'll be mixing soon (hopefully this'll turn into a 12" single or something of the sort). Trevor's ambient/experimental project Histoire will be issuing its first major release 'Architecture' through Germany's Viva Hate Records in July and/or August. As well, his 'electronic' band Teith have just posted a bunch of new demos on their MySpace site and will have a remix featured on a new single by Austin, Texas' My Education, alongside Red Sparowes, Dalek, and Kinski; to be released via Thirty Ghosts Records in June."

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