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Undying call it quits

North Carolina's Undying have officially broken up. During the past five years, the vegan outfit has released material with One Day Savior Recordings and Good Life Recordings. Here's a statement from the band: "After playing the final show of our final tour on March 6th of the year 2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Undying has decided to part ways. As is always the case, we have our reasons for the break-up, some petty, some great, none of which we will go into here. Suffice to say that for the past eight years we have had the rare opportunity to travel the world, have more than a few interesting experiences, and make friends, too many to be counted here, who we will hold heart-close and dear for a lifetime and more. Our thanks and love truly, to each and every one. And so, we dedicate these past eight years of our lives, all of the songs we have sung, to everyone who is fighting to save a tiny bit of this sad, ravaged world, to anyone, anywhere who longs to dance in the ashes of this last empire that has marched and herded us so close to collapse. In these days, when so much is denied us, in the shadow of a culture built upon ceaseless suffering, on relentless consumption, on the graves of all who oppose it, let us remember, that anything is possible. Long live the poets and the dreamers. Long live the armies of the heart, who so love the world, who have given so much to save her. Long live actions that speak loudly, words that inspire, words that incite, music that's a weapon. Long live. Be kind, live well, go vegan."

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