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Terror news and notes

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 9:17 PM PT

Terror have posted a lengthy update regarding touring, upcoming releases, and the addition of a new guitar player. Here you go:

"We just returned from our first tour of Mexico... it was pretty insane to say the least. The shows were out of control, kids were out of there minds, and we saw some out of this world outside of the shows. I never thought in my life I'd see a car in the aprking lot after a Terror show selling bootleg Terror shits out of a trunk, but it happened. Nick was happy to take a bunch from the dude as our cut.

Coming up on the touring front we have Saturday night at the New England Metal Fest, April 29th. After that we are off to Brazil for four shows with our friends Born From Pain. Then directly to the UK and Europe for the Sounds of the Underground tour there with the one and only Madball (also Unearth and Chimira). Back to the USA for a three week run with Death Before Dishonor and lastly the whole US and Canada on Sounds of the Underground with As I Lay Dying, Gwar, Cannibal Corpse, Black Dahlia Murder and many more. We will also hit Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico when the new record is out. We cant wait to get back on the road.

July 4th is the day our new record 'Always The Hard Way' hits the streets. It's 14 new tracks, recorded at Planet Z and features guest spots from Eddie Sutton of Leeway, Aaron The Knuckles from Death Threat, and Murs & Mr. Dibbs for any of you hip hop heads. We can't wait to get this out so everyone can hear it. Trustkill is putting it out in the US, Roadrunner in Europe, UK, Japan, and Austraila, Lockin' Out will be doing the vinyl for North America and Reflections for Europe.

May 30th, Trustkill releases our first ever DVD, 'The Living Proof.' It has a full set from London with a new song, studio stuff, a bunch of funny bullshitting, interviews and lots of show footage from around the world. It's all completed and it came out amazing, so check it out. The DVD also comes with some cool extra packaging and a coupon for money savings on the new CD.

Lastly, we want to let everone know Terror has had some member changes over the last few months. Today we have finally again solidified the Terror line up and it is no doubt the strongest to date. Scott, Nick and Doug have been holding it down now for years. Our new bass player is Jonathan Buske who has played with The Promise, Rag Men, and Another Victim, and we now also have Martin Stewart as our second guitarist. He is curently in one of our favorite bands, Donnybrook! and also sings for LION.

Life is good and Terror is set up for alot of fun times for the rest of this year. See you all soon on the road."

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