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Mastodon finishing up new album

Thursday, April 6, 2006 8:52 AM PT / 5,467 views

According to MTV.com, Mastodon are currently completing recording process for their Warner Bros. debut, "Blood Mountain." Most of the tracking took place last month in Seattle with Matt Bayles at Studio Litho and at his own studio, Red Room. Late this month Rich Costey (Audioslave) will begin mixing the project in New York. Drummer Brann Dailor told MTV the following regarding the new album: "It's hard to be inside something and talk to people about it. And it's kind of a cliché that the people in the band think that what they're working on at the moment is the best stuff they've ever done. But I guess that's the way that we feel. It's just more intense, more — I mean I like everything we've ever done. But at the moment, I'm really digging on this stuff. It's hard for me to put into words what's different about it. It's just better. I hope we can start a prog revolution, because the timing's right. You've got a Tool record that's coming out, an Isis record that's coming out, a Mars Volta record that's coming out, a Mastodon record that's coming out, and I hope that converges into something really awesome for music where it doesn't become pop, but there's a little more sharing of the pie. It would be cool if you had kids in their bedrooms not trying to learn Linkin Park songs, but they're trying to learn Mastodon songs. It's cool music that's honest and from the heart, and it's technically challenging." "Blood Mountain" is scheduled to hit stores in August.


yeahdude 4/6/2006 8:54:25 AM

first post

TheReapersSon 4/6/2006 8:57:17 AM

FIRST "SECOND POST". Sounds interesting. *waits for epic whale metal to make its way into the newsbox*

john_doe 4/6/2006 8:59:29 AM

i will buy furiously.

conduit 4/6/2006 9:01:15 AM

"Blood Mountain is a concept album that tries to be the musical equivalent of Rambo: First Blood vs Brokeback Mountain" Wow. Just wow

homewrecker 4/6/2006 9:03:21 AM

wait a sec...new Mars Volta record? wtf?

titsXmcgee 4/6/2006 9:19:28 AM

awesome. can't wait.

LordofChaos 4/6/2006 9:20:48 AM

gonna crush.

MarginError 4/6/2006 9:30:49 AM

*pats back - Brann. Still, can't wait for this slab o' goodness

eadup 4/6/2006 9:32:24 AM

i will purchase with fury and vigor

SeanLoiselle 4/6/2006 9:32:27 AM

"t would be cool if you had kids in their bedrooms not trying to learn Linkin Park songs, but they're trying to learn Mastodon songs." I don't think a lot of people, period, could learn Mastodon songs.

ronniefuckingdobbs 4/6/2006 9:51:13 AM

::learns linkin park furiously::

snes 4/6/2006 10:33:21 AM


ikillinmydreams 4/6/2006 11:03:01 AM

fck yes....

axl_bundy 4/6/2006 11:09:39 AM

cannot wait

motherfckzombies 4/6/2006 11:27:59 AM

this will be amazing.

da_government 4/6/2006 12:37:45 PM

Leviathan was amazing, production on it was kinda weird but still this will also be amazing, i hope they have amazing artwork like leviathan did.

kenwregget 4/6/2006 12:56:56 PM

Does this band have talent and creative flair? Yes. Does this band kick ass? No. BORING, OVERRATED, AND NOW, MTV DOES THEIR PR! How predictable.

sharkfight 4/6/2006 1:13:22 PM

i am anxiously awaiting this.

matttdoan 4/6/2006 1:26:14 PM


xvegeedgex 4/6/2006 3:18:10 PM

Matt Bayles sucks.

onemoremotherfucker 4/6/2006 3:20:50 PM

will buy, will enjoy a great deal...

XomeletX 4/6/2006 3:22:06 PM

medoicre band

ihatepickingusernames 4/6/2006 3:35:35 PM

they need to come home::atlanta is boring without them

efyourbrokencouch 4/6/2006 4:56:54 PM

Good news.

marching_band_rules 4/6/2006 6:08:49 PM

terrible band.

NIGdestroyer 4/6/2006 10:06:11 PM

I think lambgoat failed to mention that Cedric from mars volta would also be guesting on their album? Weird. Anyways, Should be good for the first 2 or 3 songs just like every album they've done.

sweetzombiejesus 4/7/2006 1:40:22 AM

"I hope we can start a prog revolution" - I read this and frowned.

trickman 4/7/2006 6:09:27 AM

Overrated, singer sounds\looks like douchebag.

vertigo_index 4/7/2006 10:29:57 AM

good band, but agreed, very overrated.

NIGdestroyer 4/7/2006 1:10:31 PM

The 2 dudes with goatee's look like fraggel rock.

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