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Revelation set to release Shai Hulud reissues

Shai Hulud's reissues for "A Profound Hatred Of Man" and "Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion" have been remastered and are set for release by Revelation Records this summer. Both releases will also have new artwork, which has been completed. The "Hearts Once..." reissue will also feature bonus material.


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darkexhorror 4/1/2006 2:41:20 PM

pist first

vagdestroyer 4/1/2006 2:53:03 PM

second post wothless news

vagdestroyer 4/1/2006 2:53:22 PM

and worthless

NIGdestroyer 4/1/2006 3:21:11 PM

break up!! except for real this time.

alexxxRules 4/1/2006 3:25:59 PM

Best band ever. I cannot wait until these come out. again.

NickolasXcore 4/1/2006 3:52:16 PM

Good news.

amongdan 4/1/2006 3:53:50 PM

fcking ay. i can't wait.

jwcp 4/1/2006 3:57:15 PM

hopefully it's a quality remastering like the give them rope v2 since some remasters aren't noticable improvements

xvegeedgex 4/1/2006 4:10:10 PM

sweet n00z.

IronBallsMcMighty 4/1/2006 4:19:50 PM

those releases with better sound will be very awesome. i cannot wait to download these.

motherfckzombies 4/1/2006 5:56:56 PM

like we needed this

letsFUCKyeah 4/1/2006 6:24:53 PM

bring back chad

MarginError 4/1/2006 6:42:16 PM

Good. Everything they've released has had shit production so far. Maybe this will be an improvement.

DEATHGORE55 4/1/2006 6:58:25 PM

this is terrible news

xGETEVENx 4/1/2006 8:09:43 PM

Good news for me

moshandroll 4/1/2006 8:29:48 PM

sweet dealz

xtodayithawx 4/1/2006 9:57:59 PM

front page webby

murdermittenmatt 4/2/2006 12:08:49 AM

chad was a sweet vox. too bad nfg's label wont let him do anything with shai hulud what so ever

woodwater 4/2/2006 12:26:00 AM

Meh. I like they're last cd, at least. This would be wasting money though.

bleedingMike 4/2/2006 5:03:03 AM

can't wait. these have been remixed too, not just remastered. should make a huge difference

strongislandsfinest 4/2/2006 10:17:39 AM

great band , one of the best ever. im gonna have to buy these

yousuck 4/2/2006 10:46:23 AM

shit band. way to re-release shit. gay record labels.

JohnnyJohnny 4/2/2006 1:34:04 PM

Its not just re-mastered, its been completely re-mixed by Zuess. Sounds a million times better. Great band, great CDs.

JohnnyJohnny 4/2/2006 1:37:40 PM

and also, to the nay sayers- fck you. half of your corny ass fcking mallcore make up wearing shit bands wouldn't exist without the influence of hulud. go back to thinking unearth is real metal- gays.

marco 4/2/2006 2:38:51 PM

I love you JohnnyJohnny... Hulud rules/is way underrated, ive heard a tune off this and it sounds amazing so pick it up.. fck downloading it

efyourbrokencouch 4/2/2006 6:27:43 PM

I'm definantly picking this shit up.

fsovercrooks 4/3/2006 12:03:19 AM

hell fcking yes!

NIGdestroyer 4/4/2006 2:43:17 PM

This band is gayer than 2 gay guys fcking while each jacking off 2 guy gays who are jacking off 2 guy gays who are jacking off 2 guy gays into eternity.

brokenhero 4/6/2006 3:23:43 AM

cant wait till this comes out

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