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Unearth unveil new album title, theme

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 7:28 PM PT

Unearth have officially titled their upcoming Metal Blade Records release "III: In The Eyes Of Fire." The announcement comes coupled with the following statement:

"'III-In the Eyes of Fire' is our angriest, darkest, fastest and heaviest record to date. The title is a reflection of a couple different things for us. For starters it puts us in the place of our current worldly events. Last record we wrote about things brewing all around us in politics, environmental issues and war, but this record deals with the effects of those very things and the consequences we are all dealing with right now and will continue to deal with until changes are made. We are in our nations most critical point since the 60's and more importantly devastation looms in the near future if we continue to make mistake after mistake with unjust wars and environmental disregard. The title also represents the personal struggles we all face day to day and our constant battles to overcome adversity. We cannot fucking wait to show people what we have in store with this record."

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