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Robotic Empire to release Matamoros debut

Official press release: When musicians with backgrounds deeply rooted in the scenes of hardcore, punk, and metal try to break their genre tags, the stylistic move can unfortunately come off too dramatic and/or forced. Change works best with experience though, and there may be none more prepared than the four seasoned musicians that comprise Matamoros. These four men, with locations spanning the east coast, are Greg Drudy, Jamie Getz, Mike Hill and Brad Wallace. For them, the transition into creating something new and exciting has come so naturally that what was initially born as a studio-only project has developed into a full-fledged and very real band. The underlying catharsis and passion of past projects is not lost, but a great myriad of new sounds is brought to the fold to unleash something that lies between the boundaries of experimental post-hardcore, epic heavy metal, and shoegazing rock. Try to picture the wall-of-noise created by Sonic Youth and My Blood Valentine, the colliding guitars of Unwound and Rodan, all mixed with the underlying intensity of Born Against and Neurosis... and you're only getting warm. Combine these elements with a lineage including Anodyne, Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky, Orchid, etc. and you've got a powerful and exciting new group that people may or may not be ready for. Matamoros will be entering Brooklyn, NY's Translator Audio Studio this month to track their debut CDep/LP for a summer release on Richmond, VA's Robotic Empire. Live shows are in the works and extensive touring is planned to follow the record's release, but in the meantime we've jumped on the Myspace bandwagon and set up a page for the band here.

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