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Lamb Of God prepare new album

Thursday, March 2, 2006 6:49 PM PT

Official press release:

After headlining the 'Sounds of the Underground' 2005 Touring Festival ending in August 2005, Lamb Of God bunkered down in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia to begin the writing process on the follow-up to the bands 2004's release 'Ashes of the Wake.'

"We've taken this process very seriously," notes drummer Chris Adler. "We have been spending 5 or 6 days a week and 6-8 hours a day writing. It's a very intense and productive process that has paid off in a very big way."

Following several months of writing, the band took a break in December 2005 to headline a successful European run.

"Initially we didn't want to do it because we thought it would interrupt the writing process and leave us, yet again, with less time than we wanted to write the album. In fact, this was the best thing we could have done. Not only were the shows bigger than we anticipated and extremely refreshing after being locked up in our smoky rehearsal hole – but it gave us an opportunity to step away from the material, let it sink in a bit, and return to attack it with a renewed vision and inspiration. This is something we've never had the luxury of doing and it has made a very positive difference."

The band has tapped friend and producer of 'Ashes of the Wake' Machine to handle the production duties for the upcoming effort. Pre-production is scheduled to begin in Richmond on March 13.

"Everyone wants to know what the new material is like or have us compare it to something. It's tough to do because when your proud of something you want to say it's better than something else or that it's more of this or that. I don't want to do that – every LAMB OF GOD CD has been a snapshot in time, a puzzle that spelled out who we are as individual musicians and as a band. They each represent a certain amount of experience and ability – and without saying more, we now have more of both of those than ever. We have continued to raise the bar for ourselves in every aspect of what we do, and we are expecting more of ourselves than ever heading into this. We're looking forward to tracking and releasing this intense and very heavy release."

The as of yet untitled release is tentatively expected to be released though the bands label Epic Records in late August of 2006. The band has also confirmed touring plans both before and after the release. These will be announced shortly.

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