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Gadget finishes recording new album

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 7:36 PM PT

Official press release (Relapse Records):

Gadget (vocalist Emil Englund, guitarist Rikard Olsson, bassist Frederik Nygren and drummer William Blackmon) proudly carry the grindcore torch forward with The Funeral March. More than a devout collection of blasting beats, sweltering guitars and real-world lyrics, The Funeral March incorporates sinister melodies and a keen sense of dynamics to an already explosive mix. The finished track listing is as follows; "Choked", "Feed on Lies", "Requiem", "I Am", "Tristessens Fort", "H5N1", "Day of the Vulture", "God of Led", "Everyday-Ritual", "Vägen till Graven", "Illusions of Peace", "Black Light", "Out of Pace", "Let the Mayhem Begin", "Bedragen", "The Anchor" and "Tingens Förbannelse".

The Funeral March is scheduled for a May 2 release date in North America (May 8 Internationally). Photos taken by the band and crew during the recording session can be viewed here.

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