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Ancient Rites album details

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 2:39 PM PT

Official press release:

You already know that Season of Mist will release the new album by Belgian metallers Ancient Rites. Here's more about it: the opus is entitled "Rvbicon" and will be available on May 15th. The album was recorded at the Spacelab Studio in Germany under the watchful eye of veteran Ancient Rites producers Oliver Phillips and Christian Moos.

Here is the track listing:

01. Crusade
02. Templar
03. Mithras
04. Thermopylae
05. Rubicon
06. Invictus
07. Ypres
08. Galilean
09. Cheruscan
10. Brabantia

Following the release, Ancient Rites will once again play live to spread their new music. Concerts all over Europe and the U.K. are currently being negotiated and arranged, so expect the band to be out there in full blast later in the year.

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