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With Passion line-up changes

Wednesday, January 4, 2006 5:39 PM PT

With Passion have issued an update regarding their "merger" with the band Conducting From The Grave Here you go:

"The long wait is over, and we are back out of hiatus! With Passion and Conducting From The Grave have joined together as one band! Please welcome Greg, Jeff and John! We have spent the last couple months practicing for this tour and writing new material. We will be performing two new songs at every upcoming show that are now posted. We are on the road next week with Nile, Hypocrisy, Soilent Green, Decapitated, and Raging Speedhorn. We have some local shows before the Nile tour with some friends of ours! All tour dates and show info as far as we have has been posted. Conducting From The Grave will be playing one more show with vocalist Drew Winter. This may possibly be your last opportunity to see Conducting From The Grave as they will be going on an indefinite break. We may throw some songs from Conducting's "Trials of the Forsaken" EP into our set. Thank you to everyone for sticking with us. We apologize for the lack of updates and info; we just really wanted to surprise you with the good news!"

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