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Aborted lose two members

Official press release (Aborted): A new year, a new beginning: On those notes we start off the new year, wishing everyone including all our fans the best of luck with their plans and projects for 2006. Unfortunately, we have some unpleasant news to bring as well at this point. Due to personal issues that could not be resolved, Aborted, Tace and Free had to part ways. The culmination of smaller and bigger problems in the past so and so months has made it virtually impossible to keep cooperating together as a collective unit. Tace and Free are not vanishing, they will remain active in their other projects. People will see Free in his other band "Forced Hate" and Tace has just started a new band. On a more positive note, we want to state that absolutely nobody out there should worry about shows getting canceled and so on. The February tour with Cryptopsy, Grave, Dew-Scented a.o., will go on as planned! Stepping in are Seb (Genital Grinder/Balrog) on guitar, Olivia (ex-No Return/Balrog) on bass and Matty (Emeth) on guitar as well since Steph could not commit him self to this tour due to his lady sitting at home pregnant, ready to give birth. We have already rehearsed our setlist with the new line-up several times and things are working out perfectly. The motivation and "drive" is back in the band, something that was missing since a while ago, and it feels great to be jamming out the tunes with fresh blood incorporated. Throughout the years this band has been struggling with the line-up, having more than a couple of line-up changes. However, Aborted has proven that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and this time it should be no exception. We also started working on the successor to "The Archaic Abattoir," which is set to be recorded later this year. Again we would like to thank all of those who have supported us, and we're glad you are still doing so. We will see many of you on tour in February!

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