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Stretch Arm Strong and Story Of The Year dates

Stretch Arm Strong are set to support Story Of The Year for a two week East Coast tour. Here are the dates: 12/5 Columbia, SC @ Headliner's Music Hall 12/8 Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater 12/9 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance 12/10 Rochester, NY @ Water Street 12/11 Huntington, WV @ Hyamp (headlining date, no SotY) 12/12 Winston-Salem, NC @ The Werehouse (headlining date, no SotY) 12/13 Jacksonville, NC @ Planet Rock 12/14 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall 12/15 Atlanta, GA @ Roxy Theatre 12/16 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts 12/17 Dayton, OH @ Elbo's (headlining date, no SotY) 12/18 Toledo, OH @ Headliner's


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nowicks_hxc 12/5/2005 6:07:16 PM

1st post....gayest tour ever

saw_in_your_colon 12/5/2005 6:08:04 PM

stretch arm strong is such a great live band.

XXHrdcor4lifeXX 12/5/2005 6:10:45 PM

This tour HAS to be THE BEST of 2005...........for gayS!!!!!!!

supercilious 12/5/2005 6:26:31 PM

stretch arm sellouts

yourewakingup 12/5/2005 6:29:34 PM

what in the holy hell is this shit about? thank god these gays/sellouts won't be anywhere near Indy

Shake_it_up 12/5/2005 6:31:19 PM


splintermouth 12/5/2005 6:32:00 PM

The only way this could be gayer is if they added Atreyu, or As I Lay Dying and played large-scale venues in late winter...wait a minute

PowerandtheGlory 12/5/2005 6:41:51 PM

I am so glad Story of the Year is not playing the Dayton show. Finally I'm glad to be living in Dayton. Will be there 12/17

xTomWaitsx 12/5/2005 6:45:01 PM

Gay City. What the fck is becoming of hardcore these days?old Stretch was so good.

thisaintsweettea 12/5/2005 7:26:42 PM

Why isn't Trapt on this tour WTFFZZZZZZZZZZ

picturesofme 12/5/2005 7:44:17 PM

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. bad tour. SAS is terrible now.

thirtystones 12/5/2005 7:47:53 PM

I heard Lil Bow Wow is opening for this tour

fearB4 12/5/2005 9:28:37 PM

who the fck is story of the year????

newxjack 12/6/2005 12:11:18 AM

this tour should be called "the sounds of stretch arm strong losing credibility tour."

SeveredInTwo 12/6/2005 12:45:02 AM

its funny cause some of you fcks actually like Stretch Arm Strong

LordofChaos 12/6/2005 3:05:28 AM

This tour is in support of the bands getting MUDDY HELMETS(shitty c-cks) fom each other! Total GAYNESS!

mikedge 12/6/2005 7:58:57 AM

Hey if Madball can open for As I lay Crying and Norma Queen then I guess anything can happen... RIP SAS

Document_GraceBudd 12/6/2005 9:12:29 AM

Picking up change tour 2005.

mickeyoneill 12/6/2005 11:13:47 AM


mickeyoneill 12/6/2005 11:17:33 AM

or, rather, whoever posted this was looking for a good laugh

oath777 12/6/2005 12:53:57 PM


xdxmx 12/6/2005 1:35:52 PM

boooooooooooo this tour

surfjam 12/6/2005 2:14:03 PM

Wee! Fun for the family

strongarm 12/6/2005 6:12:28 PM

What happened to SAS. They used to be respectable, now they tour with shit like this...

stabface 12/6/2005 10:22:51 PM

Get fcked

cryptic_slaughter 12/7/2005 5:57:23 PM

terrorists. your work has been cut out for you here.

xDoUStillRapeMex 1/6/2006 6:25:08 PM

Not even gay people like this tour.

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