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Biohazard calling it quits

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 8:52 AM PT / 8,249 views
Taken from Blabbermouth: In a recent interview with Britain's Zero Tolerance magazine, Biohazard guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei confirmed that the band's recently released tenth album, "Means to an End", will also be their last: Biohazard are splitting up. "It was a natural progression with the band," Billy said. "We've grown in different areas. I have a daughter and I'm focusing now on my other band Suicide City [also featuring former Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo]; Danny [Schuler, drums] has three kids now, so things have really changed for him; Evan [Seinfeld, vocals and bass] is doing his big porno-acting thing now, and that's cool. One of the things about Biohazard is that it's your life, your way. So to each his own. "I think over the years we just grew apart," Billy continued. "I've come to a stage in my life where I've come full circle and music is only for pleasure now. Don't get me wrong, I always dug it, always enjoyed it, I've had a fucking great time, but I didn't know any better. All I had was music. But my reality now is that I have a family and we've got to pay the bills. I'm no different from you — we've both got to buy the same token to ride a train, you know? So I'm back in the workforce, hanging out with my buddies at the weekend and dealing with the bullshit so I can enjoy the pleasures of life, like making music."

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