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Curl Up And Die and Still Remains tour

Curl Up And Die and Still Remains have announced plans for a brief tour, which will kick off on September 20th. Here you go: 9/20 Phoenix AZ The Clubhouse 9/21 Denver CO Rock Island 9/22 Kansas City MO El Torreon 9/25 Grand Rapids MI Ten Bells 9/26 Cleveland OH Grog Shop 9/27 Buffalo NY The Icon 9/28 Lancaster PA Cafe Metropolis 9/29 Providence RI Living Room 9/30 Danbury CT Empress Ballroom 10/1 Boundbrook NJ Hamilton St Cafe 10/2 Farmingdale NY The Downtown 10/3 Baltimore MD The Ottobar


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head_pants_now 9/3/2005 5:01:56 PM

decent tour

mikeington 9/3/2005 5:17:32 PM

will be at empress

scenepoints 9/3/2005 5:19:28 PM

terrible bands. oooooooh so gay

thisheartscoma 9/3/2005 5:25:09 PM

still remains is gay but CUAD= krunk as fck n i g g a

SMokeOutloud 9/3/2005 5:53:36 PM

not terrible at all, would be there if i had a job and could pay bills. *donate to my human fund i mean hurricane relief*

xcowabungax 9/3/2005 6:02:21 PM

I'd go see CUAD if I didn't have to put up with still remains

rhino 9/3/2005 6:13:44 PM

just went to still remains show on wednsday, everyone was there to see on broken wings and the acacia strain

the_terror 9/3/2005 6:44:15 PM

10/2 i'll be there for CUAD then go home

daysunderfire 9/3/2005 6:53:54 PM

9/28 Lancaster PA Cafe Metropolis its not in lancaster its in wilkes barre

sharkxpunch 9/3/2005 7:20:45 PM


hangthedj 9/3/2005 8:46:06 PM

underminded is on this too.ill be there 9/29 for them and CUAD.Aiden and SR are gay although I heard SR is good live.

13225 9/4/2005 12:19:06 AM

will be there 10/1 that place is litereally less than ten minutes from my house

xnickofgaix 9/4/2005 2:10:20 AM

holy gay. no care ever

XCrandallX 9/4/2005 6:51:10 AM

Yeah, I gotta sit through Aiden to see CUAD? Fuuuuuuuuuck

Marky 9/4/2005 11:03:49 PM

Still Remains is headlining over CUAD.

thefashionshow 9/7/2005 1:23:38 PM

roadrunner ruined still remains

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