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Aborted sign w/ Century Media Records

Belgian death/grind band Aborted have officially signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. Originally formed in 1995, the group's latest full-length, "The Archaic Abattoir," was released via Century Media imprint Olympic Recordings this past May. Here's a statement from founder and lead vocalist Sven De Caluwé regarding the deal in addition to the band's upcoming North American tour with Suffocation, Cryptopsy, and Despised Icon: "It's been a very hectic, intense and heavy year for Aborted. Yet a year in which we have done tons of amazing things, went to amazing places and met a lot of cool new people. One of those amazing things is being signed to a label we believe will be able to lift this band to new heights. They believe in us 200% and are going to help us take the next step in our careers. With our North American tour we will finally be able to get out to the U.S. and Canada and do some damage. Needless to say we are extremely thrilled to hit the road and to be a part of the growing Century Family, a company that stands for nothing but quality releases and that strongly supports every cool act under their wings."


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deez_nutz 8/9/2005 4:25:49 PM

first post

axl_bundy 8/9/2005 4:26:37 PM

goddamn yes!

scenepoints 8/9/2005 4:28:55 PM

Good for them. such a good band.

Moto 8/9/2005 5:11:52 PM

for me, for all of you, this really doesn't change anything.

xsamx 8/9/2005 5:23:01 PM

yay! aborted rules.

xRYBREADx 8/9/2005 5:48:52 PM

can't wait to see them on tour. sick band.

jwcp 8/9/2005 9:18:53 PM

that tour is going to so enjoyable, i can't wait for october

Dave2112 8/9/2005 10:07:11 PM

awesome news,awesome band

cydrx 8/9/2005 10:38:57 PM

gotta get dem dollas

blue 8/10/2005 12:20:25 AM

this band has been going downhill since goremageddon. doesnt suprise me that they signed to CM. ATTENTION EVERYBODY they now put breakdowns in their songs, so dont be so afraid to pick up their new cd when you get the new etid.

SeveredInTwo 8/10/2005 12:30:27 AM

^actually gay.. this band has been playing breakdowns ever since there first cd

blue 8/10/2005 1:34:51 AM

not those horrible open chugs theyve been doing lately, gay. and what about the super lame 'rock n roll' song. yeah, its like hot damn with a death metal band! soooo cool!

xtroyx 8/10/2005 1:58:26 AM

holy shit. looking forward to the upcomming tour.

shredmyaxe 8/10/2005 3:28:54 AM

Very nice.

shaihulud2k1 8/10/2005 2:38:17 PM

death metal bands have better breakdowns than any hardcore metalcore whatever band could ever dream of having. the new aborted album is bad.

slobbyknobby 8/10/2005 9:29:28 PM


SeveredInTwo 8/10/2005 11:27:12 PM

even the weakest of metal bands is still heavier than the heaviest of metalcore bands.... just to prove a point...

jerryseinfeld 8/28/2005 6:08:10 PM

awsome band. awsome tour.

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