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3 Inches Of Blood replace drummer

Just days away from their U.S. tour with Chimaira et al, 3 Inches Of Blood have announced the departure of drummer Matt Wood. According to the band, "Matt informed us last month that he would be leaving the band once we got home at the end of June. The reasons given were both musical and personal, but there's no animosity between us. We respect Matt's decision, but are moving forward and still playing." For now, the group has enlisted the services of drummer Alexei Rodriguez (ex-Walls Of Jericho, Catharsis).


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hbostonxcorec 7/30/2005 8:45:27 AM

FIRST POST!!!! bummer

thirtystones 7/30/2005 8:46:38 AM

well that's just great I guess

hotaction 7/30/2005 10:15:47 AM many lineup changes has this band had? whats weird is that they were really tight when i saw them.

blastbeatsrock 7/30/2005 10:25:42 AM

whats going on w/ summers end now? oh well, 3 inches of blood blows them outta the water anyways.

Dave2112 7/30/2005 10:29:26 AM

It would seem drummers just arent respected in this band.

mobab 7/30/2005 11:17:04 AM

No fcking care.

xihaevrespectx 7/30/2005 12:03:57 PM

alexei is an amazing drummer

xtroyx 7/30/2005 12:13:49 PM

doesn't matter how many member changes they've had, don't ever break up!

JohnnyJohnny 7/30/2005 12:24:25 PM

first of all, nothing in their catalog is remotely difficult to play (though kind of cool) and Alexei is a bad ass drummer.

wyldweasil 7/30/2005 12:26:56 PM

was Matt wood a deadly sinner? An enemy of metal? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

harmcityjay 7/30/2005 12:51:32 PM

Bring back Catharsis!!!

xrebelheartsx 7/30/2005 1:16:52 PM

if alexei isn't playing for summer's end anymore, that would make my fcking day.shitty bands don't deserve good dudes.

blue 7/30/2005 3:08:15 PM

so is goatsblood going to get back together now?

gorebuzz 7/30/2005 6:08:08 PM

goatsblood is fully reformed now, thats why matt left

SeveredInTwo 7/30/2005 7:03:25 PM

3 Inches Of Blood is a disgrace to metal

shredmyaxe 7/30/2005 9:47:06 PM

SeveredInTwo is a disgrace to the human race.

godless 7/30/2005 9:57:55 PM

Booo this band

cydrx 7/31/2005 5:05:20 AM

3 inches of Nutt

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