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Urkraft begin recording Earache debut

Death/thrash outfit Urkraft entered Antfarm Studios this past weekend with producer Tue Madsen to record their Earache Records debut. Recording will take roughly two weeks and the album, titled" The Inhuman Aberration," will hit streets this fall. Here's a statement from the band regarding the new material: "We are really exited about releasing the next album. Urkraft were expected to do deep death metal on our debut, but obviously surprised some people by putting in more thrash than earlier. We still play a combination, but this release will be both a new side of Urkraft as well as moving a little back to the old days. It will be more noisy and chaotic, a lot faster, more brutal and with that overall dark feeling to it that the 'Eternal Cosmic Slaughter' album had. Especially the keyboard will have a more conspicuous role. It is not just used as a lay-over, but will also be a part of the chaos and help support the attacks in the music."


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